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Here are your links to FREE questionnaires, manuals, programmes, and opportunities for aspiring leaders, mid-career managers, and executives. You can submit ideas, comments, questions,  or suggestions using our Contact Form.

555 tool

555 Tool

Get this simple but powerful tool and kick imposter syndrome out the door! Using the 555 tool, you'll be able to get the feedback you need to show your inner Imposter the door and move towards a deeper level of self-belief.

free resource

The Confidence Matrix Assessment

Take The Confidence Matrix Assessment now – it’s FREE and it’s a quick and simple way to spot the real issues and see at a glance the  actions that will help you build the path to connecting competence and confidence.


Dealing with self-doubt masterclass

This 30-minute Masterclass will help you to create a healthy relationship with self-doubt, use cognitive restructuring tools to change your mindset and behaviors, and deal with your inner critic and use feedback to internalise your strengths.

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