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Grow your leadership confidence

Build real self-belief

Be visible to the right people

Unlock your next promotion

Accelerate your career

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Leadership Coaching 

Helping mid-career leaders fast track the confidence and skills they need to step up to the next level and leave the self-doubt behind. I can help if you

  • Are ambitious to progress in your career but held back by your own thinking

  • Feel uncomfortable about ‘selling’ yourself to seniors

  • Stay quiet when you know you have a contribution to make

  • Overthink everything and criticising yourself harshly

  • Have trouble getting yourself heard

  • Do too much for your team because everybody’s overwhelmed

Mandy Green giving coaching

Leadership development for  organisations

Bespoke training and executive coaching programme to up-skill the leaders in your business.  I create powerful and engaging programmes to help leaders:

  • Energise, enable and empower others

  • Take control and be accountable

  • Respond to changing environments

  • Deal with challenging conversations

  • Build high performance teams


Mandy Green

About me

I'm Mandy Green and I've got over 20 years of hands-on experience as a Leadership Coach and Trainer. before that I spent 10 years as the MD of a group of training centres and despite others saying how great I was at my job, I felt like an imposter at times

I wish I'd known then what I know now and I want to make sure that you're equipped with the tools and techniques that really work. We coach and teach best what we've learned ourselves.

Mandy Green

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Expert Coaching Programmes

Struggling with ingrained patterns of thinking and behaviour can be exhausting and leave you feeling worthless. Breaking through the barriers with tailored 1:1 personal coaching can liberate you to be the best version of yourself.

Over the last 20 years as a leader, coach and trainer I've learned exactly what it takes to build lasting confidence and I've created powerful coaching programs that will challenge and change you for good.

How I Can Help



Powerful learning programmes crafted by an expert coach and trainer with over 20 years experience in Leadership Development.



Real and sustainable learning specifically created using neuroscience to bring about big shifts in mindset and behavioural change.



One-to-one and group coaching to support your progress and give you the boost to get you where you deserve to be.

What My Clients Say

My work with Mandy has been invaluable to my personal development and career progression. She has helped me work out what areas I needed to develop in order for me to present the best of myself. The tools and techniques I learned have given me the confidence to allow myself to progress in my career.

Alice H.

Mandy has a very thorough knowledge of business and psychology. She really works to apply principles and tools that get great results. She's intelligent, has great integrity and creates enormous trust. I can't recommend Mandy highly enough- if you work with her you will never look back!

Alexandra T.

She really has an ability to make you stop and think. She will challenge you to face your own preconceptions of yourself and your abilities. In a short space of time she transformed my outlook and attitude to enable me to meet real world, day to day challenges with a new found confidence.

Guy H.


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Client cabinet office
Client morgan stanley
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