How confident are you?

Take The Confidence Matrix Assessment now – it’s FREE and it’s a quick and simple way to spot the real issues and create an action plan to help you get your message across without fear of judgment and without losing your cool.

Here’s the problem:


You’re ambitious and think you’re good at your job and ready to step up to the next level at work.


BUT you get tongue-tied in meetings even though you know what you want to say. Seeing senior people in those meetings makes you self-conscious and you feel yourself freeze.


Or maybe your mouth just runs off and does its own thing and you end up winging it and feel like an idiot. You’re just not able to access your best self in these situations and it’s going to be a career-limiting problem if you don’t do something about it. 


The Confidence Matrix...

✅ Highlights your personal style of push-through or hold-back
✅ Pinpoints the specific areas you need to work on.
✅ Sees at a glance where you may be over or underestimating yourself
✅ Builds specific activities to develop both confidence and skill together
✅ Helps you to speak up in meetings by highlighting the unconscious gaps
and providing actions to eliminate these
✅ Makes the unconscious habitual patterns conscious so you can do
something about them



Take The Confidence Matrix assessment now!

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