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The Front Runner online course 

delivers career advancement for women who want to ditch self doubt for good and build the skills and mindset to break through to the next level



Why take the course?

Stop self-sabotage

so many expert professional women unconsciously self-sabotage because they continuously beat themselves up for not being good enough

Take control of your career

It really doesn't have to be this way because I've helped hundreds of women to overcome their self-imposed limitations and take back control of their career trajectory

Get real results using evidence based toolkits

I'll share with you a unique blend of super-effective tools from proven cognitive behavioural and project planning methodologies that really get results

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're great at your job and work super-hard on delivering your objectives but nobody seems to notice how good you are.  It leaves you feeling pretty worthless.
  • You don't want to hassle people or look arrogant by promoting your skills and potential to your seniors. You end up feeling helpless.
  • You say yes to everything hoping to impress or please others.  This means you're constantly overworking and can't see what's important for what's urgent. 
  • You are your own worst critic and overthink everything.  You end up caught in a cycle of negative self talk and exhaustion
  • You worry that you're not really good enough to get to the next career level.  Imposter Syndrome strikes every time you try to step up and this just makes you feel you don't belong.
  • You feel like a fraud when people praise you and think they're just saying it to be nice.
  • You feel like a failure and fall apart inside when you make a mistake or when others disagree with you.  The result is beating yourself up yet again
  • You keep quiet in meetings because you doubt that your ideas will have value or be well received. You feel unseen and unheard.

Step back, take a deep breath, and know that it doesn't have to be this way. The Front Runner Programme will help you change all that.

Featuring the unique 3P methodology

I've used my many years experience of crafting powerful learning programmes to create a unique process that will take you from analysing and understanding  exactly where you are now, right through to implementing and consolidating the action plans you'll make.  



 Input and exercises to gain real insight - analyse what's happening to you and why.


Proven tools and frameworks from positive psychology and project management to guide your thinking, help you make clear decisions about your goals and create a sustainable action plan.  


The most important part - this is where the change happens.  Tasks and exercises to help you implement the learning.  


And here's exactly what you'll learn....

Creating the mindset 

  • Find out how a growth mindset can ensure resilience as you challenge yourself to grow
  • Learn to spot the triggers for self doubt and deal with that inner critic
  • Stop negative thinking patterns for good using a tool that's a simple as ABC

Winning sponsorship

  •  How to create a career vision and pathway consistent with your values
  • Effective techniques for internalising your core strengths and skills
  • The difference between mentors and sponsors and how to choose the right person to leverage your career
  • The right way to  approach and gain support from the people who need to know who you are

Communicating for impact

  • Learn to assess your communication skills and identify specific behavioural goals for getting noticed.
  • The main reasons why your current communication style might not be working for you
  • How to make sure your developing skills are being effective and ways to track progress 
  • How to dial up your verbal and non verbal assertiveness 

The results you want

Yes change is challenging and yes, you will absolutely feel out of your comfort zone at times but that's why this course works.  I'll guide you through the tough bits and help you gain real and lasting confidence that comes from deep inside.  If you're up for finally making significant changes to the way you think and behave then these are some of the results you can expect.
  • Know how to advocate for yourself more effectively at work without feeling like a fraud
  • Deal with self-limiting thinking and behaviours.  Let the real you shine out without fear
  • Be recognised as a high performer and gain career sponsors who believe in your abilities and push for your success
  • Clearly position yourself as a high potential front runner for new projects and roles
  • Take back control of your career and get the position you know you deserve

"These methods totally worked!  I feel it was the best time and money I could have spent on myself."


"Mandy transformed my outlook and attitude to enable me to meet the real world, day to day challenges with a newfound confidence"



Amber Mills

The Front Runner program really enabled me to take control of my own habits, behaviours and mindset. It has challenged me to build a mindset that I am proud of.

Before this course I never understood why I would do certain things, or couldn't identify why I was feeling a certain way and what had led to me to feeling this way. By giving me access to the tools and knowledge throughout this course I have been able to build my confidence and I now believe myself when I say that I know what I'm doing.

It has opened my eyes to ways in which i can show others that I am proud of my achievements and with a clear self improvement career plan it is possible to take my career to the heights I envision!

Nicole Rayner

I found the course very useful at helping me to identify areas to improve on and giving me the confidence to assert myself. I have learnt techniques to develop achievable goals and understand that some things are out of our control - and that's okay!

I now know how not to be afraid to ask, and to think about how I communicate and the messages this gives off.

I like that the programme came with a workbook which encouraged me to actively participate and I particularly liked the key learning points at the end of each lesson.


Here's what you'll learn

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Front Runner Programme

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DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee that you will gain a promotion just because you complete this course. Exercises on the course are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of success. Future earning potential is dependent on many factors including participant commitment,  investment in both time and money for coaching and training, and specific business requirements, as well as organizational culture, and the overall skill set of the participant.